Workers' Watch

Workers Watch is a Community-Based Response in Advancing Human Rights and Corporate Ethical Practices in Mindanao answers a relevant need to advance human rights and fundamental freedoms in areas where there is a rapid development expansion, particularly in the island of Mindanao. Philippines

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In the photo, NMR’s Area Coordinator Teresita Hadman gave short briefing about the Workers’ Watch Project during the establishment of Don Carlos’ first Workers’ Watch Formation

NMR Established Its First Workers’ Watch Formation

NMR Established Its First Workers’ Watch Formation

WWP Executives paid a Courtesy Visit to the Regional and Provincial DOLE Directors

In the past weeks, the Workers’ Watch Project executives had visited its different centers in Mindanao to consolidate its area coordinators regarding the progress of their regional actions for the implementation of the program. As local community quarantine has been eased, they have also had courtesy meetings with the Regional and Provincial Directors of the […]

On the occasion of Nonoy Librado’s Death Anniversary

No matter what tragedies or struggles affect our family, this day always reminds us that there is always a reason to unite. In the midst of a global pandemic, and of a more precarious environment to those espousing the beliefs of our deceased father, Erasto ‘Nonoy’ Librado, we who are loyal to his legacy will […]

Advocacy and Campaign

Provide services and support to workers, workers associations and trade unions towards the building of genuine, nationalist labor movement of the working class and the Filipino people.