On the occasion of Nonoy Librado’s Death Anniversary

Coun. Pamela Librado-Morata
On the occasion of Nonoy Librado’s Death Anniversary
18 August 2020

No matter what tragedies or struggles affect our family, this day always reminds us that there is always a reason to unite. In the midst of a global pandemic, and of a more precarious environment to those espousing the beliefs of our deceased father, Erasto ‘Nonoy’ Librado, we who are loyal to his legacy will continue to plod on.

I know that it will always be Papa’s fervent wish to see reforms in our government… to see workers doing their jobs with dignity and their rights protected…. to see the underprivileged have more in the law because they have less in life. While still alive, my father would take me to picket lines, attending rallies with a throng of people I barely know. Back then, I did not understand why a union leader would choose to serve people when he also has problems of his own. I did not understand then why the sentiments of many workers would embolden him to actually take into heart a cause that would make him risk life and limb.

It took years for me to understand why he chose that less travelled path. For the people’s welfare is ultimately greater than the sum of all his personal aspirations. He became a councilor of this City (even for a short while prior to his death) because he believed laws could actually work for the people and that pushing for reforms in the economy and labor sector can spell out a huge difference in the lives of our ordinary citizens.

Nonoy not only taught all his three children the rudiments of living a life of service; he showed us further how to stand firm in our principles. A martial law survivor, he went through incarceration knowing fully well what he is standing up to. In that collective fight against tyranny and the abusive Marcos regime, he would remain a hero to us and to those who believed in hus cause.

We honor his death today and remember the man who was all a father, husband, labor leader, comrade, Filipino citizen and one worthy of emulation for his legacy and dedication to public service. May the Nonoy Librado Development Foundation continue his work— let us work in synergy to contribute to its growth and success, bearing in mind the sacrifices of a man who wished for the emancipation of workers through fair labor practices and decent working conditions.

As we also rise towards the challenge of battling this Covid-19 despite all the odds, let us all look forward to more better days and better conditions for work in the days to come.

Once again, my greatest salute to Ka Nonoy, who even in death keeps alive the fervor of compassionate service to the people. #

photo grabbed from Davao Today