Photo taken last July 15, 2021, during the Food Panda riders protest

We stand with the Davao United Delivery Riders Association Inc. (DUDRAI) members, who held a mass protest yesterday, 16th of July 2021, at the Freedom Park, Davao City, calling for the accountability of the Food Panda Management on unjust labor practices of the said company.

According to the DUDRAI, the Food Panda Management has deducted their earnings for about 280 pesos for their supposed health insurance benefit. However, some members testified that they could not avail of the said benefits because the management did not pay for their health insurance contribution. Apart from this explicit anomaly, food riders are also outraging for the miscomputation of their earnings. With a long-distance ride, they only receive a minimal amount.

Some members of the Davao United Delivery Riders Association Inc. (DUDRAI) during their protest

Moreover, members who joined the protest received messages from the management for a 10-year suspension in violation of their Freelance Agreement.

The move of the Food Panda Management constitutes significant violations of the labor rights of its employees:

1. The prevalent contractualization within the company through its Freelance Agreement hinders employees from being regularized.

2. The suspension of the protesting employees violates their constitutional rights to self-organize, peaceful assembly, and freedom of speech.

3. Unlawful deductions of their earnings.

With all these violations, Food Panda Management remained calloused to the call of its workers.

As an institution that advocates labor rights, we are greatly dismayed with Food Panda Management. We are calling the management to strictly abide by the labor laws. We likewise call on the local government unit of Davao City, Department of Labor and Employment, and Congress to act on this oppressive and exploitative scheme of the involved company and other businesses employing the same scheme. We maintain that workers’ rights must always be upheld, without them we have nothing. #