NLDF celebrates 27 years of Living Legacy

This year, the Nonoy Librado Development Foundation Inc (NLDFI) celebrates its 27th Founding Anniversary with a theme “Continuing the Living Legacy of Nonoy Librado”. As the family, friends, and staff of NLDFI commemorates the 28th death anniversary of former Davao City Councilor Erasto “Nonoy” Librado, the foundation which was established through his name and humanitarian work renewed its commitment to continue Nonoy Librado’s legacy in serving the Filipino workers through its vital mission-upholding the Filipino workers’ rights and dignity.

This photo was taken last March 05, 2020 during the Workers’ Watch Project Orientation with the delegates from the European Union. Present in this picture were the Chairperson of the NLDF Board of Trustees Bishop Constante Claro, other BOT members, EU Delegations, Workers ‘Watch Staff members, and NLDF Administrative Staff.

The works of the late Nonoy Librado had inspired numerous civil and workers’ rights groups and organizations in keeping the importance of human and workers’ rights in the workplace. The issues on the violations against workers’ rights in the workplaces are still prevalent up until today. Most of the Filipino workers have suffered from exploitation, harassment, and contractualization. These huge concerns in the work setting have further elevated in this Coronavirus Disease-19 pandemic crisis. The number of unemployed Filipinos tallied now to more than 40 million which also mirrors the number of starving families in the country. Despite the efforts of our government in improving our economy, the poverty rate in the Philippines is continuously growing.

The Living Legacy of Nonoy has translated the mission of NLDF into actions that have critical perspectives in looking at the current labor situations of the country. The legacy of Nonoy did not stop at his death but it blooms, invites, and adds more fire to all human and workers’ rights defenders in sustaining the fight of the working class.

“We, the leaders and members of NLDFI are celebrating the continuing journey of the working masses towards abundant life with their determined and consistent struggle. As we remember and commemorate the 28th death anniversary of former city councilor Erasto “Nonoy” Librado, the NLDF, and with the Librado family renew our vows in rekindling the light, the wholeness, and correctness of Nonoy’s quest in defending the working class,” Bishop Constante D. Claro, chairman of the NLDFI Board of Trustees, said.

Also, Davao City Councilor Pamela Librado-Morata, the daughter of the late workers’ rights defender, chairperson of the Committee on Labor, and member of the NLDFI Board of Trustees, gives her message in support to the celebration of the founding anniversary of NLDFI and commemoration of the death of her father, “No matter what tragedies or struggles affect our family, this day always reminds us that there is always a reason to unite. Amid a global pandemic and of a more precarious environment to those espousing the beliefs of our deceased father, Erasto “Nonoy” Librado, we are loyal to his legacies and will continue to plod on.” (The full message of Councilor Librado-Morata is posted on our website

On its 27 years of living legacy, the NLDFI has also launched its 3-year Workers’ Watch Project that aims to establish strong and gender-sensitive human and workers’ rights organizations within the four regions of Mindanao. This project is funded by the European Union in light of their mission of humanitarian assistance.

“The legacy of Nonoy is our inspiration. His works and his words are our strength in continuing the fight in achieving genuine change and in realizing the importance of our rights for a safe and sustainable working environment. With this 3 year project, we are aiming to echo the essence of Filipino workers’ hardships by establishing workers’ rights defender and organizations. We believe that in our collective effort we can achieve the genuine change that we desire of” the NLDFI Executive Director, Mrs. Emma Ricaforte said.

The Nonoy Librado Development Foundation Inc was established in August 23, 1993 after a year of the death of the late Erasto “Nonoy” Librado. Since then, the foundation has been actively actualizing its mission to uphold workers’ rights through its numerous implemented programs. With its gender-sensitive approach, the organization is also highlighting the importance of gender-equal treatment in workplaces. ###